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Brief of what you can expect from Store Management System
1. Barcode Scanners are used at checkout counters to make selling Fast and Easy and error free
2. Touch screens are used to complete tasks at checkouts
3. All your stock will be monitored
a. The system will tell you how many of each item is in the shelf at any one time
b. You can click on any item to find
i. how many are still on the shelf
ii. How many have been sold
iii. When it was sold
iv. To whom it was sold
v. What receipt number it was sold on
vi. Who sold the item
c. Since you have all the information above you can easily find out missing items and preventive measures can be taken. Examples, at anytime, make random checks on any one item to see if physical stock level matches computer records. This way, the staff is kept constantly on high alert for missing items. You don’t have to wait for end of month or quarter to make stock take, you get updated stock level every minute of day.
d. When new stock arrives, it automatically updates the stock level
4. Purchasing is automated and made easy
a. Purchase orders will be automatically created by the system for you as it knows which items are low in stock and need purchasing
b. You can manually modify the following before order is emailed or printed
i. quantity of each item
ii. Cost of each item
iii. Discounts
iv. vendor from where item will be purchased
v. make special notes to the vendor, Example, shipping or pickup or payment instructions
vi. Date of order
vii. Add, Delete and modify vendor information
c. With a single click you can see past order history from any vendor
i. What items were bought
ii. How much was the total for that order
iii. Date of Order
d. Deal with Damage goods & goods not shipped with Order
5. Sales is easy and Fast
a. With Barcode Scanner
b. You can also sale manually
c. Accept Cash, cheque, Eftpos and account payment methods
6. Reports
a. Showing fast selling items in graphs
b. All reports relating to Items and stock activity
c. Reports about sales activity
d. Reports about Cash Drawer activity
e. Endless customized reports about your shop

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